Greetings. Introduction

I am new here. I am interested in magic and more into the feminine side. I’d love to meet female witches here.



Please tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick. This does not meet the criteria for a proper introduction.

I am a natural since a child. I have old ancient wisdom that comes to me without trying…it’s a very strange form :sunny:

Sorry, but that does not excuse you from the criteria of a proper introduction. You are not the only “natural” among us. You have told us nothing about yourself, as a person or a magician, but you have already made a couple of posts lecturing people, particular males, on your ideas about the feminine.

We need to know you as a person, as well as to get a rough idea of you as a magician. It helps us to provide proper advice and guidance, as well as to evaluate any advice you offer.

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I have experience…but I don’t sift through books. Some might call it chaos magic…I just call it natural. Everything manifests. I reserve my right to remain mysterious until I can equally trust you.

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Sorry, but there is no right to vague introductions. There are certain criteria that must be met. Flagged for the moderators.


Your title is “Regular” Not a mod. I don’t understand your questions. I will wait for a mod to explain to me exactly what I’m supposed to talk about here. I followed instructions to introduce myself. It did not say tell everyone your life story. That’s just weird in my opinion in an online setting where maybe not everyone feels comfortable doing that.

You have no “rights.” Nobody does. So dial down the entitlement a tad.

Ohhhh. Sit down @DarkestKnight.

Your general location, “Godess?”


I’m not a mod,but the rules here are pretty explicit. Almost everyone here is helpful, open and honest, no need to be so defensive. How can you expect to meet people here when you’re already challenging the regular folks that are just trying to point out a forum rule? Take a minute, read through the BALG rules and please post a little bit more about yourself. Thanks :+1:

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We need something a little more specific than “I am a natural” - as covered above. If you want a moderator to repeat what has already been asked, please, consider it repeated. But be aware we practice member-moderation, meaning all Regular members are active in making sure rules are followed, this is not a kindergarten and the mentality of waiting for an authority figutre to enforce things does not sit well with us.

What were your first experiences with magick?

What spirits and/or methods do you use?

What is your current biggest challenge, or a skill you hope to learn?

A forum like this inevitably attracts fantasists and larpers, so we ask for people to be REAL in order to rule that out. People who join cliaming superpowers seldom have an enjoyable time, and almost always end up leaving or being suspended. So we ask people to talk a bit about themselves because this does wonders to keep those types out of our community, and saves a lot of bad feeling all round. :slight_smile: