Greetings,help me

I am glad I can write on this forum and ask advice from experienced mages.
I started studying the Occult some time ago, 1-2 years maybe.
I want to change some aspects of my life because I am unhappy with my current condition. I have many things to be grateful for , but i still need to improve myself. I would be honored to have Demons and Mages as teachers.
I chose the Left Hand Path because it is the best thing for me. I will not go into details for now.
My question:
I would like to summon Great Duke Dantalion because I know he can help me with my issue.Can I summon him twice a day , or should I call him only at night. I did some magick on his sigil, saw the sigil flashing and the lines disappearing. How many times should I summon him until he appears to me or atleast until I can feel his energy? Thank you !

Don’t worry about the number of times, you need to summon him, or time of day (I mean time alignments do amplify effects but realistically you can summon them at any time and still get going).

As for feeling him, how often do you do regular energy work? The more your practice that, the more your intuition spikes up and it gets easier to feel the presence of different spirits

Just keep summoning him, or even invoking him if you’re comfortable… He hears you… trust me… Even if you fully can’t as yet.

Study an evocation or spirit summoning system you like and practice it.