Greetings from Wahine in NZ! - Introduction

Greetings everybody

I’m from New Zealand & hope everyone is keeping well during the lockdown.
We are on a 4 week lockdown started 3 days ago.

Please read the rules and introduce urself properly

Apologise this my first time here. I cant seem to delete this, it said “There was an error deleting that topic. Please contact the site’s administrator” when I tried to delete

No worries, I think you can just elaborate on your background here.
The OP didn’t go into the title topic, so I’m editing that to say ‘Introduction’, and moving it to the Intros category for you… go ahead to talk about yourself here, and feel free to recrate the post about Shemyaza. :+1:

Please tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick: E.g. …

Do you have any experience in magick?

If so, what have you practiced and how long have you practiced it?

What areas of magick are you most interested in learning?

Welcome to the forum :smiley:

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Welcome to the forum :blush:

Hi there

I started with Tarot cards & reading Eastern religions eg Taoism Buddism at age 14 the Ouija boards then got into a few candle magic spells witch I dont really bother with these days.
Im in my 50s now

I ve Benn working with Hecate for about 4 years and the last year the goetic demons many of which I feel are Ancient Gods

I have a particular affinity to the Egyptian Neter

Recently Im more into putting magic on myself rather than asking entities to go out and do stuff for me treating them like servants.

I asked to change my poverty consciousness to a prosperity consciousness, asked to remove my fear.

Today Im going to be using servitors and sigils for healing and protection.

Im a bit OTT on wards and protection and banish daily although I had a guts full of the LBRP with the Golden Dawn I followed for a while a few years ago.