Greetings from the Void and the Horror at the core of the universe!

Greetings and praise to ALL in this forum!

So I’m new here and it says to introduce yourself . . . so . . . ya . . . its me!! I will use the moniker 9-black-truths-dragon-medicine-breaker here, so any part of that name is good for courting my attention ("9 dragons, truth(s) dragon, medicine breaker, (black) dragon, or fucking know-it-all prick are all fine). I’m not even going to try to explain my beliefs here, since I am a Magick/mysticism/spiritual/occult science practitioner for about 30 years now, so needless to say they take from a lot influences and (like my attorney and court appointed psychiatrist say) its complicated. I guess you can say the following: I am MUCH MORE left than right, dark than light, creation through black miracles, evil is for amateurs (look MUCH deeper), harmony with the universe through pursuit and understanding of TRUE darkness, anti-dualism or dualistic thought (i only use dualistic forms so (“light”, “dark”, “evil”, “good”, etc.) that people understand what I’m trying to portray in my speech), anti pure destruction and believes that “pursuit of dark truth” is creation, Not destruction. Don’t like “left handers” who are secretly only in it to get revenge on the girl/guy/both/whatever that rejected them, the football player that stole their lunch money in high school, or society for “being mean” to them; MOVE OVER for those of us who are the most natural ones, who into life with shadows blessing our 1st steps!!! grow up, get a life, and quit making us look like shit!!! like to apply the scientific method to ALL my experiments, lessons, research, revelations, and magickal/mystical/spiritual experiences. hate elitist’s of almost every sort and believe even those I don’t agree with (see above) have their place in reality (if nothing else, just to make me feel good I’m not like them). believes in AMBITION as the closest thing to a religion I have and try to apply it in all things i do. into “tasteful, stylish, and practical” application of sex magick and BDSM and FUCKING DESPISE “I-use-magick-to-seem-deep-and-get-laid” magicians. 48 laws of power, the prince, the art of war (the "how to navigate and deal with the material world " trifecta). Mastema, Cuthulu, and Kali. Samael, Lilith, Nahemah, Asmodeus (the demons of the 4 elements of darkness). Akuma, Yakshini, Rakshasa, Red Caps, Ahzi Dahkata, and most cryptids. alien astronaut theory, but NOT the pop culture version and NOT applies to every. FUCKING, great.thing. humanity ever did. conspiracy theory, but selective and judges by disinformation testing, if makes logical sense (if such a thing exists), has REAL, LEGIT, PRACTICAL, OUTSIDE AGREEABLE CIRCLES evidence and people backing it, and thinking if its something I would do. likes to keep the fun, romance, mystery, beauty, Comedy, the ethereal, adventure, and love in the experience and quest for enlightenment. and i like to pretend to have an ego MUCH MUCH more than I actually do. I WILL ATTAIN the enlightenment of the void and looking for others who are from the “desert without end where the sky is always twilight and the 6 moons never cease, the sea of tragedy, the garden of crucifixion, the mirror of Ry’leah, the red spider queens crossroads of webs, the atrocity lands, or the great onyx/obsidian (whatever it is) temple at the center”. anyways . . . shit, i guess that IS a lot!!! Haven’t wrote that much about myself since my statement to the police, the negotiators, and the national guard. VERY interested in meeting you all and look forward to the myriad of conversations, debates, discussions, arguments that lead somewhere, philosophizing, preaching, and the certain idea sharing and gathering potential that will go on!!! BTW, from Sacramento, CA, so anyone out that way that actually wants to meet up and commit acts of unbridled spiritual debauchery and have hours of deep discussion and fun, all at the same time, hit me up!!!


You have my attention.

Hi. Welcome to BAG :slight_smile:

Thank you for that short introduction, I feel like I know you so much better now LOL welcome to the forum👍

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Hello my fellow Voidwalker :clock9:


You sound like quite the party.

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Hi, mate.

Just a little thing, please break down your text into paragraphs. I don’t mean to be a pain in the ass, is just that my eyes aren’t what they used to be and every day I have it a little harder to read. Thanks.

Enjoy your stay.


Seconded. :+1:



Welcome! Also, is this yours? :joy:

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Fuck man! Thanks!!! Was wondering where I put that thing! Once the sacred sexual communion rites started happening (along with the wine, blades, and liquid oxycontin), I just started going somewhere else . . . Or wait . . . Am I remembering the wrong conclave?

Worse than that, much worse than that. Will say I’ve never not been invited back to a gathering/ritual/celebration

Ahhhhh . . . Do they really have my people here?

Now i must figure out what to do with it? And why did that part get your attention?

Simple man…

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Thank you dear!!! Your a sweet black cotton candy kiss of dark transendental bliss yourself.

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I try, but largely fail at that one.

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