Greetings from the South

Hey there, I go by Caleb Rosengard, no, I’m not a jew (didn’t know Rosengard resembled a Jewish name), and I’m here to learn as much as possible.

Oh, greetings from the South because I’m Brazilian


Hi and welcome to BALG.

What are your experiences with the occult, for how long, and what do you hope to gain from this forum?

Hey there, Linuriel, for starters, I’m specifically looking for help with something that, for me, feels like a curse that’s been plaguing me for about 2 years, when that gets out of my way, I’ll work my towards learning magic to live life under my own terms, I’ve been getting wind about Goetia for a long time now, and I’m no stranger to African rituals as well, but I myself was never the one practicing those forms of magick, up until now at least


So you have no experience, if I’m understanding correctly?

I never performed magick myself, but was involved in rituals performed by mages, that’s as far as my experience goes


Here, from the south too (Bolivia lolz). I ended up here pretty noob hehehe. Thanks to this forum I have learned a lot since then :face_with_hand_over_mouth::smiley::sunglasses:.

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I can’t say I never performed any magick anymore, I did and did it successfully