Greetings from the end of the world

By “End of the world” I mean reaaaally south.

I’m from South America, English is my second language, I’m not yet fluent enough, so go easy on me. Correct my mistakes if you want, that would be welcome since I always want to improve.

I just recently started to discover this stuff called magic. I have been a hardcore atheist most of my life, but a couple of weeks ago, out of curiosity, I followed Grant Morrison’s instructions to call down Hermes, since I’m working in a new project.

I thought it was just my imagination, but I saw things. Crows and what I was picturing as Hermes. That was so weird that a few days later I tried to call Ganesh. I had some vivid images and then… I found myself living in the most productive day of my life. I managed to make almost twice as much of what I did in my previous record. And I didn’t think that was possible at all. But I did.

So, I researched more, found this forum and tried to call down Bune. I don’t really know if it worked, we will see, but I made something with her (I thought she is, well, a she, a lady, feminine, you get it). Not pact but more of an understanding. That was three days ago.

I’m very interested in learning more, so I made an account.

I still think of myself as an atheist. I believe I’m doing what’s called chaos magic.

So, hello to everyone and thank you for having me in your forum.



Welcome to the forum.

Welcome, are u from tierra de fuego, or patagonia, i tnk tey are the last point in america

Thanks for all the greetings.

@zorrito, kind of. I’m not living that far away right now, but still, same country :wink: I’m asuming you’re also a native Spanish speaker. Am I right?

Yes, i speak spanish, if u need help on info, or books lmk, i chk here 2 a week nice to meet you, saludos


Yes, but in the larger forum all users have to speak English and English only.

Feel free to PM at any time.