Greetings from Romania

I am Anita and I am almost 25 years old, born on 23rd of June 1998.
I have had many spiritual experiences ever since I was young, but because of doctors, I used to think that was just my insanity. I am from Romania, Bucharest. I encountered some entities, I try not to rush into labeling my experiences but rather into questioning them. I am most interested in Hinduism and Egyptian knowledge, but in all spirituality overall. I have never done an actual ritual, but I do wish to know more about them (which is the only reason why I haven’t yet). I also read Tarot, mostly for myself because I am too shy to read for other people and afraid to assume that responsibility. If anyone has any knowledge to offer, I am very open to learning. Very grateful to have found this community.

I have BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) and had 2 psychotic episodes, which I do not believe to be insanity; rather, I was vulnerable to way too many frequencies, but that scared me off for a while, until about 2–3 years ago.
I am what I believe is called a psychonaut, and while I have many experiences sober (synchronicities, dreams that predict events, things like that), I usually use mushrooms to explore (and on rare occasions, Ketamine and LSD). I want to mention I am doing it safely and with control, not being arrogant about it (by control, I mean I know I do not have that much of it, so I am careful and wary).

Kisses and Blessings. :lotus:


Welcome, Anita. We are both from the same city. Glad to see open-minded romanians on this forum which it’s a great source of knowledge.



I personally don’t believe BPD is a real thing. I had a friend that was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and it was because she was heavily abused as a young girl. More so, I personally believe it is a fracturing of the psyche and a disconnection from the soul due to some sort of endured trauma.

I say this not to undermine your introduction, but rather to encourage you to keep looking/striving for the answers you seek.

Modern medicine isn’t that advanced when the diagnoses and treatments thereof are only treating the symptoms of a much larger spiritual problem. Keep working with the spirits that resonate with you and I think you’ll find much of the psychological pain and problems that would be perceptible for a doctor to misdiagnose as a disorder will likely abate given a willingness to learn, grow and change for the better.

This forum is a wonderful resource in an otherwise spiritually unenlightened world.

I hope you enjoy your time here.


Welcome! Bine ai venit!


Welcome, I was born in the US but my parents were born in Romania and they moved to the states when they were young.


Welcome on board. (Romanian here)


Welcome :smile: and warm greetings from the Czech Republic.

I hope you will find all the answers you are looking for and learn something new at the same time. ( This is an absolutely wonderful place and I am grateful to have found it.)

I can confirm from my own experience that LHP and the teachings have helped me greatly on my journey as well as with my depression ( which is basically gone after more than 10 years).

I am glad you are here and wish you good luck and success on your journey. :metal:


I was looking for an answer like this one! Indeed, I too was sexually abused at 13 years old, and I believe I don’t have a disorder, but rather a normal reaction to what happened to me as a child. Also I agree, medicine just treats the symptoms, not the condition and spiritual aspect of it. Thank you for your reply!
Also thanks to everyone here :blush:


Im a healer, reach out if tou need anything

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