Greetings from Philippines

Hello. I’m Carl. from Philippines

Magic I’m currently interested and working right now is: Life Reading (Through Tarot Card and Kabbalah), Cleansing (Customize Uncrossing Ritual I’ve only Pray Over or Chanting the water I gonna use for Bath), Personal Transformation, and Desire Manifestation.

Progress I’ve notice my Customize Uncrossing Ritual Works a little bit. I’ve seen improvement of my health. Lesser Asthma Attacks.

I will not yet tell you what some progress I’m seeing right now. But the Customize Uncrossing Ritual demonstrate little but a noticeable progress 3 days after I’ve started it.

It improve my immunity and resistance.

For now I’ve just focus on Uncrossing Ritual that I’ve created.


Note: A prayer can be somewhat borrowed from other books or you can formulate your own.

Why Prayer?

Because Prayer is a Symbolical Act means it directly communicates with your Subconscious Mind that connects to Spiritual World / Astral Plane / or any Equivalent.

Because Subconscious Mind are Responsible for your Wish Manifestation since it connects to other realms.

So that’s the reason why I’m using Prayer or Chants Over the Water Because I let my Subconscious Mind do the work for me.