Greetings from me

Hello, my name is Alicia. I am just introducing myself. Just joined. New Witch. Raised Christian. I am at a crossroad in my life, or more of an awakening. I am excited to learn and share with you all!

Welcome to the BALG forum.

You say β€œnew witch,” so are you a beginner? If so, what kind of magick are you interested in?

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I joke and say im a Glenda the Good, i want to be good at healing, and having a strong connection with the Spirits. Im going to take a Mediumship Development class soon to help me work on my focus, and intuition.
I know a little of light and dark magick. I have recently started having King Clauneck on my mind. I found him incidentally reaserching Duke Bune. So im trying to learn more about my 72 Goetic Spirits. There is a class im gonna take to learn how to work with Demons when i get the money. Lol. So i guess i dont know what type of Witch i am yet. Still getting my feet wet.

Thank you for answering. Welcome to the rabbit hole! :slight_smile:

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