Greetings By Mr. Jew

Hi guys,

Im called Brice but my friends call me Icy, Im a new magician just starting out on the LHP. Im actually a musical artist and have been all my life so you guess why Im on here. my stage name is Lil Icy Jew, nice to meet you guys :slight_smile: . I devoted all my life to the Dark arts but never thought of including Magick into my life for personal growth. I just wanna assure myself a bright future for me and my family. Im actually located in Atlanta, GA wherein Im really struggling achieving my goals I have set since the age of 15, about 8 years ago !! Thatโ€™s why I decided to embrace my Ascent and walk into the LHP this year as we approaching a new decade with new upcoming technology that I wanna possess at any price !


Mr. Icy Jew


Welcome to the forum.


You sound similar to a younger me hope you stick around

We are all mad down here alice


Thank yโ€™all, Blessings!

Welcome, Brother.

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