Greetings and Salutations, a new face is come amongst you!

I’m Kristoffer (Khaimon), ave!
I’ve been drawn to Theistic/Spiritual Satanism, Demons and the occult since I was a kid. I thought it wrong for a long time and ended up in Buddhism for the most part instead.

Years later I’m giving in and even though I’ve meditated and practiced yoga for ages, it’s only now that I am having a deepening of experience. So far I only meditate on the Pentagram and the seal of Marbas, but oh my. More of that in another post.

My immediate goals are to first develop myself psyco-spiritually so that I can build good relationships with the Demons, Gods and Spirits. Secondly to raise my Kundalini to strengthen the aforementioned goal.

Well met fellow mages, witches, shamans and travellers and I’ll see you on the forum.

Ave Satanas


Welcome to the forum.

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