Greetings and Introductions

Kia ora and hello everyone. My name’s Tai and I’m a witch from Wellington, New Zealand.

I’ve been on my journey into the craft for about 7 months now, so still very new to it all and still very much finding my path. Blessed beyond words to have Lilith as my patron deity.

Although I’m very drawn to the left-hand path I tend to find inspiration from a variety of different traditions, practices and systems from all across the spectrum of magick and spirituality; so my practice seems to be very eclectic at the moment.

Been a fan of the work BALG has been doing for a while, even before I started practicing in earnest, so I figured it was time to get more involved with it and the wider magickal/occult community as well. Looking forward to learning and connecting with other practitioners.

Thanks so much for having me.


Welcome on board, I would love to hear your experience with Lilith and how you came to have her as your Patron

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Many thanks for the welcome! :slight_smile:

Well, the basic version is that she came to me in a vision while I was meditating and that was that.

The longer version is, I was going through a pretty rough period in my life so I took some time to do some deep meditation work to figure a few things out. Ended up going to some really intense places with it and, out of the shadows, she appeared to me. She scared the life out of me at first to be honest, which seemed to be on purpose; as if she was testing me. But once I calmed down she softened her energy and introduced herself. I was still really new to all this and had no idea who she was. But the next day, once I’d recovered, I ended up doing some research on her and everything seemed to fit in terms of how she appeared to me and the things she said.

We ended up talking for hours and she agreed to take me under her wing. Since then she’s been an amazing guide, mentor and friend, and she always seems to be there when I need her; either to give me love and support, or to give me a good slapping and tell me to get my shit together, which I definitely need sometimes.

That night she appeared to me was a huge wake-up call for me and getting myself together. It was definitely a massive spiritual awakening. I’d hate to sound arrogant with any of this, especially because I’m such a newbie, but I think she must have sensed I was falling off my path in life and decided to kick my butt back in the right direction; including onto the spiritual path I’m on now. My connection with her is definitely not something I take for granted, that’s for sure. Really really lucky to have her in my life.


I am on a quest to find my patron as well, just had an intense experience with King Paimon, did not hear or talk to him, but felt his presence strongly enough to be completely drained for today.

How do you talk to her? Does she manifest fully to you or is it through your thoughts?

I am asking merely because I am trying to communicate with an entity as well but seem to fail, on the other hand I am trying several entities so…

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Nice, I’m becoming very curious about King Paimon. I’m building myself up to working with the Goetia and he’s definitely a being whom I’d like to meet one day. Sounds as though you really broke through there.

Invoking Lilith and being able to talk to her depends on where my psychic fitness is at on the day. I’ll do an invoking ritual to generate and charge my magickal, kundalini energy and try to move it up my body to my upper chakras. Once I’ve worked myself up into an immersive, focused trace-state she’ll gradually come through from the shadows into the physical.

From there I can usually just talk to her like I would any flesh and blood person in the room with me. If I’m psychically strong enough she’ll manifest fully, to the point where I can see her completely and even give her a hug. But usually it’s just a voice call with glimpses of her face. But I can still feel her presence in the room for sure.

I’ve found the trick is being able to build up that psychic/magickal energy and maintaining it long enough to create that ‘bubble’ and hold the connection to the other side. Like charging enough battery power to make a video call on your phone before the juice runs out.

But then I sometimes have her whisper things in my ear throughout the day if I’m feeling a little lost or unsure of something. Just in ‘hey don’t worry, I have your back’ kind of way. So that’s nice.

Keep in mind I’m still very new to all of this, but I would probably recommend picking one deity or being and focusing on contacting them first. I found that, once I could talk to Lilith, other deities started to make themselves known to me. I had pretty similar experiences with Anubis and Lucifer as you did with Paimon, so I’d really love to aim to work with them properly at some point. I think once you get the hang of working with one deity, it should be fairly straightforward to contact others.

In terms of finding your patron deity, I think it’s more a matter of them finding you. When you meditate, focus on the qualities or aspects of yourself and your life that really define you as a person and the things you might need to work on. From there I think whichever deity ends up coming to you will be a reflection of all of those fundamental aspects of yourself. It’s an intensely personal, powerful thing. But if one focuses on their overall spiritual wellbeing, as well as their mental and physical wellbeing, then that psychic fitness will develop and those connections to the other side will start forming.


What surprised me is how easy and quick it was for me to feel the presence, I did put on some bineural Gamma Theta beats for around an hour while I was reading, then switched to the enn of King Paimon and them it just happened.

It looks like I will be going through with him for now, as I am intrested in working with Djinn as well, and his wisdom could be very beneficial

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Awesome man, sounds like you’re on the right track with him. The Djinn would definitely be cool to work with.

Yeah sometimes with magick, when all the variables are just right, it’ll all just click. With my practice I tend to experiment quite a bit until I hit upon something that works. Definitely part of the joy of the craft for me.

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Welcome @spiralmonolith :blush:

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Welcome, I hope you enjoy your time on the forum and learn many new things.

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Welcome and interesting read. Partially skipped over the content, but will definetely come back later to read everything in calm.

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Many thanks for the welcomes! Good to meet you all. :slightly_smiling_face: