Greetings ALL,

Hello all,

My name is Steve and I am new to the forum
Although I was a Christian I have been studying pagan paths for a few Years now including Thelema. I am interested in learning more about the left hand path and working with the likes of Lilith and Azazel

I look forward to reading your posts and interacting with you all


Welcome @Steveyboy do you have any experience with magic and specific areas of interest? :blush:

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Hello Anglieanchantress82

I have worked with Santa Muerte, taken part in Pagan rituals, worked in a spiritual shop and given scrying classes. My current interests are Thelema and I am currently reading works by Asenath Mason. Thank you for asking :slight_smile:

Welcome! You’ll find plenty of threads about both Lilith and Azazel here, so you definitely came to the right place

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Thank you Tiberius :imp::grinning:

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