Greetings All πŸ’œ

Hello Everyone

First of all I appologise for my late introduction.
On this forum my name is Sumaire.
I am 36 years old & I live in England.

A little about me, As far as I can remember my life has been surrounded by magick.
Knowlege passed down from one generation to the next,wonderful stories of ancient Gods & Goddesses, legendary creatures,magical beings & other realms.
I learnt knowledge of the Dragon in various forms, medicine,science,energy, languages & martial arts.

The early days were nice,I was encouraged to study & flourish.Unfortunatly traumatic events followed & there after I had to face this world on my own quite early.
I have been practicing various forms of magick since I was a small child.
This was mainly in alignment with Draconian paths.I have studied many religions,cultures myths,occult paths to see how they correspond to eachother to find how each piece of the puzzle fits.

I have experience with the following forms of magick Heka, Norse, Draconian,Ophidian, Tantra, Sumarian, Alchemy, Kundalini yoga, Shamanism, Vodoun,Santeria,Folk,Celtic,Druidry, Psionics & Demonology,Sufi,Yazidi.
Also practices in Taoism,Qi Qong,Tai Chi.

My focus is on ascention with knowledge,wisdom & clarity. I am very grateful to the Ancient Ones who have guided me throughout my life & protected me.
I am very passionate with my work & studies on the left hand path.I do my best to unify the light & dark aspects of myself.I dedicate my life to this path,to the Draconian current & asention.

My current struggles are that I care too much often not using my time as wisely as I could or focused on the right things.
Im always helping people as much as I can,I’m very empathetic & that has been my downfall mostly.
As many people will waste another’s time & energy like it’s nothing. Our time & energy is precious.
My aim is to be the strongest most evolved I can be
Help others to progress safely towards freedom & empowerment.

I have a relentless pursuit of knowledge,I love learning & sharing with others.I will contribute to this forum regularly hopefully you will enjoy my posts.
Thank you to the creators Become a Living God.
You truly have made a valuable impact on the world.
Thank you to all the Authors for sharing your knowledge & taking the time to help us all.
Thank you to the forum moderators too for helping to keep this a cool respectful place to interact & connect with eachother.

Infernal Blessings to you all :purple_heart:


Welcome to the forum.

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Thank you DarkestKnight

Welcome :blush:

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