Greetings All, New Member Here

I’m relatively new and interested to learn.

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Please tell us a bit more about yourself as this doesn’t really count as an introduction.

Thank you DarkestKnight for the direction.

Please call me Mike or Q. I’m from the Denver metro area. I enjoy creative and personalized ritual magic. I consider myself a beginner even though I have done ritual magic for several years now. I am interested in learning how to make my magic more powerful. I am interested in learning more about the purpose, benefits and pitfalls of direct spirit contact.

Perhaps I can be of slight benefit to some regarding philosophical/spiritual aspects of the LHP as this aspect has been one I’ve contemplated for several years. The philosophical/spiritual foundation of beginning with the self is the thing I cherish most about the LHP. After exploring the fundamental RHP idea, which holds out self-denial via submission as the ultimate pinnacle of spiritual development, the LHP set me free with the realization of the sacredness and natural legitimacy of the self.


Thank you for expanding a bit upon your experience and knowledge. Welcome to the BALG forum :slight_smile:



Great introduction! You’ve got the correct foundation - You - ‘myself to Myself’.


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