Greeting and a big Thanks to all

let me thank you for this page. i had some really rough times over the past few years, practically i lost everything… (im just starting my magickal carere - im 20 now)… so one day i got initiated into O.T.O., because i wanted to know what is happening to me… since 2014, every night i see “purple rain” and shadows or the glowing darkness etc…, i dont know how to put it in words… it drained me totally out of life in few years of time… (ofcourse because as a 15yr old kid i was totally afraid of what was going on and had no one to talk to)… as i got initiated into O.T.O. i realised that they couldnt tell me anything that would be usefull for me atm… the best thing i learned from them was self discipline and writting my magickal diary… soon i got bored… tons of material to read, but not wery usefull for my work, apart from some basics. desperate again i searched through many forums and groups with little succes untill i came across this amazing site about a half year ago. finnaly, got some great material to work with, without any new-age bullshit. all i can say is that you, Brothers and Sisters saved my life. and i don’t know how can i thank you for this enough. through learning some practices i saw here i finnaly regained controle over my life. from paranoid, sleepless, powerless state of beeing, im turning myself into a master of my reality and into the creator of it. if it was not for your forums, i would most likely commit suicide by now. (my parents were killed in front of me by home robbers when i was 17, soon became homeless, had to create my life from scratch… long story). i wish you all that you realise thy wills and potentials in thy paths. i send Love and power to you all from Slovenia, EU. thank you!


Welcome to the forum. :relaxed:

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Thank you! looking froward to meet you all :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

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Welcome @Fnix999

So what do you currently practice? You said you joined the OTO 5 years or so ago, and it didn’t work for you, so what do you do now?

oh… no… i joined oto when i was 18… that was 2yrs ago… i guess that i didn’t wrote it that good… please excuse my poor expression in english… so… at the moment im still reading alot to expand my base, at the moment im moore and moore interested in Left hand path… when my parents were killed i was in a deep shock and i lost myself… from that time on i feel like my core is constantly changing… so mostly i evoke different beeings and experiment… im thinking about invoking the Black flame mostly these days but im still not sure about it totally… if you ever read “the book of smokeless fire”, im thinking about that kind of invocation… let me see if i can get the link to it…