Green Leaf

Sometimes in live when you look at it it gives us in our senses discomfort and restlessnes.

All that strive
That Stress
To achieve something.

And in turn to forget what our own deepest true feelings are makes us on the long run Sad.

Thats good.

Because you feel something that comes from deep within that you have ignored.

That neglect of your emotional self expresses in sadness becuase what you councesly do is not inclined with what you really are and thus really want with your earthly existence.

Listen to that voice.
Let your feeling express itself naturally.
In a enviroment you feel comfortable doing that.
Let it happen let it be a part from you again intergrate understand it simply how it is .

It is what it is.

Learn be at peace with it confront it with dispassion and understanding. Your past is your present the present is your future. It is so if you are a uncounces self.

The magician must learn to gain his full concentration .

So if there are scaps, ignored feelings and thoughts that are not deeply examined and your past live (curent and previous live) you will never really understand what stands in your way and get the solution for that particullar hindrense.

Because you must become a whole being in all your senses and existence from past to future to the now. The Feminin the Masculin.

To create a whole live or whole results anything really.

So dont ignore anything that you feel and what you deeply express and desire.

Dont distract yourself.
The right time will never come unless you do

something about it.


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