Green Lady

I don’t know if this belongs here, so please move if necessary.
I have a question that’s been in my mind for many years. When I was about 13, I saw an apparition of a Victorian woman in an emerald green dress. She was very vivid, but the experience was brief. I have never forgotten her, and over the years I’ve come to refer to her as the Green Lady.
I have always wondered if anyone else has seen her, and if so, does anyone know who she is? Just wondering.

It could be anything tbh. Could be something passing through your space, could be an ancestor. Could be some local area spirit.

Mine was blue

When I was about four or five, I had frequent visitations from an apparition I called “the blue lady”.
For me this was utterly terrifying back then.
I always knew it was coming before it did, because these feelings I later started to refer to as “that feeling” around me and through me.

Ultimately, my parents called in my grandmother to put a stop to it. She was something of a psychic badass and very well known in medium and similar circles of her era.
I didn’t know they were bringing her in. I was asleep in another part of the house when she did her thing. But the blue lady never came again.

She told my parents that she didn’t think it was malevolent, but that it had a message for me. She sent it off gentle, told it that it was scaring me and that if the message was important it should return at a time in my life when I am ready to receive it, but for now to eff off.

Maybe your green lady is something like my blue lady ?

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My mom saw a green lady. I dont know all the details bur it scares her for life

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Was there anything about the encounter to tie the lady to the location or an event?

Have you ever tried evoking her, or maybe using shamanic journeying to go back in time to that moment to ask her about it, similar to dreamworking?

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Funnily enough, she didn’t scare me at all. I was just surprised to see her, and have wondered ever since. Never saw her again.

It happened when I was in Florida, but I’ve never seen her before or since. There was nothing really tying her to the event. I saw her when I was on the public bus one day, and after making her presence known, she vanished.

I was thinking, after I posted about her, that I will definitely try to do some journeying and meditation to see if I can try to feel out a better connection.

I did some reading online, also, and found out the deep emerald green color dresses became very popular during the Victorian Era, but the color was created and chemically added to the clothing using high levels of arsenic and heavy metals. It made a lot of the people who worked with the clothing, including children, and those who wore the clothing very ill. Some went blind, some died. Apparently, many fashion houses still hate the color today because of it’s implications.

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