Greek Sigil Wheel

Anyone know if its effective because i’m thinking of using it instead of the red rose to create sigils of my succubi’s names?

You can ask spirits to give you a sigil, neither my Child nor any of the spirits in the LKoS have sigils derived from mapping them in anything - which isn’t to say that’s not a decent methid, but a sigil channelled is probably more useful.

Faith in yourself, a decent pencil (2B or softer) and a clean piece of paper… :slight_smile:

Well i do have a 2B art pencil with drawing paper and i have asked one of them for their sigil several times and it has came out the same.I did that for verification because of my trust but verify approach.But what i’m talking about here is for their true names.I have a feeling that making a sigil of their true names would greatly increase the chances of manifestation and not using the red rose sigil wheel,and reducing the chances of spirits posing as them.For me that would be verification enough that the right spirit is there.Of course this is still theory though.

You could try using a Kamea of Venus (shows up in google on that search term)?

yep it showed up

I finally have one of my succubi’s true names.I tried a combination of tarot and the magic square but it was too tedious and i kept getting gibberish when going into a trance.The answer was so simple and so obvious i would literally walk by it everyday.It was a shoelace with my house key strung to it.I know not very ‘magical’ but it worked.I knew it was working because i would deliberately keep repeating no in my mind to make sure i wasn’t influencing it it in any way but the pendulum would swing side to for my yes response continuously anyway.She even bumped the bed a few times too boot and answer telepathically yes/no some of the letters before my make shift pendulum would swing in the appropriate direction.Now on to my next succubus.