Greek-Magickal Papyri text...which one is a good starting place

Greetings to All,

I’m become interested into more information about some the magical systems that were practiced by the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, etc. I’ve seen several books out there that speak about the subject in depth, however I’m curious as to which one focuses exclusively on the practical aspects as opposed the historical aspect. I’m trying to decided between 3 books:

  1. Hermetic Magic: The Postmodern Papyrus of Abaris by Stephen Flowers

  2. Techniques of Graeco-Egyptian Magic by Stephen Skinner

  3. The Greek Magical Papyri in translation: Including the Demotic Spells (Volume 1) by Hans Dieter Betz

    I’ve read a couple of reviews on these books yet I can’t seem to get a good grasp on if these books are merely academic writings from a strictly historical perspective or whether they are more pragmatic in the format to which one can transpose the techniques and ideas into one’s own practice.
    Has anyone read any of the books listed above? And if so, which one would you recommend?

Hermetic Magick and there is one about Set by Don something. I have Techniques but haven’t read it yet. But I hear it is mostly info with a practical volume coming out later. I also would reccomend Book of Abraxis. For history on Goetia and it’s origins Geosophia volumes 1 and 2 are must reads but they are for history not practice. Still a must read, imo.

This is the only one of those that I’ve read but it does have a whole section of practices in, and advice on clothing, ritual structure and gear, and casting a circle as well that fits within that system - there’s also an explanation of various types of gematria, and magickal writing (Greek, Coptic, even Nubian, and more)- the back even has recipes for magickal inks.

There are 53 seperate Operations listed, I’ll scan the front index of contents for you later so you can see the type of stuff I mean, but I got to get breakfasts on right now. :slight_smile:

I absolutely love that book and I constantly find new gems hidden away in it.

Book of Abrasax.
You should read ALL translations of the various manuscripts. Invoke Hermes to help you, as God of knowledge, magic, and messenger between the gods.