Greek gods and goddesses

I wish to hear about peoples interactions with the greek pantheon. The good, bad, and scary. I want to hear it all. So if you have a story you are willing to tell please let me hear it. I’m currently searching for a god or goddess to help me with my poison and alchemy research. Please tell your stories here.


Hades and Persephone are nice. Persephone helped me with Shadowwork and I will be going back for more soon.

Aphrodite is simply a blessing. I love her enrrgy and she’s sweet but she can get a little jealous when other Goddesses get close to you. She’s a part of me.

Ares is very different from his lore. He helped me stand up to an ass and I’m going to work with him again soon.

Athena has been in my life since my teenage days and I feel she’s going to play a major role in my life.

Artemis and Apollo are very chilled though I mostly work with Artemis. She protected me when I was a dumbass teenager walking in the bush where thieves are common. They both are a pair and while Apollo can have a bit of an ego, Artemis is very friendly. These are my favorite pair in general.

Zeus just came recently and tested me quite intensely. He came off as harsh at first but now is a bit more gentle. He is forcing me into my practices XD.

I did feel Nyx once but I didn’t want to walk her path as it’s not for me. I respect her and the Primordials though.

Hermes is playful. I can’t comment much about him but my experience with him has been positive and when he and Loki get together well…

I felt Hera and Posiden’s energies but never connect. Same with Hemera and her energy is very pretty.

Helios is around me too and recommended Hyperion. Yet to make contact.

Hepestus (sorry for spelling) is a nice God but I don’t work with him much.

Worked with Heckate in my Satanic days. Very warm and loving energy but we went our seperate ways.

Felt Pan around often and man his energy is wild but dope.

Anyway that’s all I can remember. The Greek Gods are nicer than people think but they have dark sides.


I’ve worked extensively with a few of the 7 Olympic spirits. I used the same ritual techniques as with the Goetia. I find the Olympic spirits communicate more clearly.
Bethor (Jupiter based energy)has helped me in a few financial based goals
And Ophiel (Mercury) helped me fulfill a goal and turned my life upside down to do so. He’s a trickster obviously and his evocation was one that impacted my life the hardest to where there was no mistake I was being aided by a spirit and bitchslapped at the same time.


That is a very interesting insight. Thank you for telling me about this

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Very interesting. Thank you for this comment.

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My experiences with Zeus have been very little, mainly because we weren’t so close because sometimes he’s wary of people from other pantheons. There I did learn about Aphrodite and Lilith’s friendship, I don’t have much experience with the others besides Dionysus, mainly from his parties.

I’ve also spiritually sparred Erebus and did some experiments with Nyx, for a short while I also did a little messenger stuff for her, but only because I was curious of how it would go.


That iw interesting. Thank you for telling me.

How do I this How can I connect with one of these Gods??? Im not very good at meditation, nit through lack of trying, I just need to know how to open that communication and build a working relationship please