Greek and Hindu gods could be Extraterrestrials so you could be calling up egregores

I have read books that say these gods were ETs and have seen vids of people in contact with ETs say that the gods like zeus, shiva, vishna, Krishna were ETs.

This could mean you guys are calling up egregores? Anyone asked them if they were ETs?



Try out CE5 and see for yourself, although I don’t think they are ET.


I heard people get abducted

Yea what do you think angels are :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay so is there a possibility of this? Maybe. Is it true? Not for me personally.

The Gods are both symbols and their own beings. For example Nyx is the night sky yet also an ancient Deity. Zeus is the Lightning and storm but also a deity. I personally believe them being both a personification and an actual Deity.

Hindu Gods well honestly a lot of people will try and throw up ridiculous claims they have weapons that could destroy the cosmos but if you look back at Vedic times they were a lot more like the Greek and Norse Gods. They were powerful but not as exaggerated as some people make it seem. So basically imo they too were both personifications and actually deites.

Whether egregores, deified ancestors and rulers, ETs or beings who were there since rhe beginning is up for debate. I think all might have some truth to it.

And as far as i know, I’ve never been abducted by either pantheon XD


Does this really matter anymore? I acknowledged to myself a long time time ago that this might be a possibility. As long they can help you achieve your goals from a occult perspective who cares? They have by this time now have achieved sentience and are far older than many human souls. They also have accumulated much power and wisdom along the way. If we could access that power and use it to make our lives better as well lives of others around us then why should it matter to what to degree they are legit the real thing.

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Here Here!

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I talk to Jewish guy who practiced kabbala in the past about this. He didn’t like the implication or insinuation.

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Nope." Aliens" are just the modern mythological equivalent to the traditional angels and demons without the religious trappings.

“Angels and demons aren’t real, so of course the ancients must have really been dealing with aliens!” :joy: