Great Mighty Duke Sallos Great Relationship Engineer

Sallos is a great Relationship Engineer. He causes the infatuation stage of specifically heterosexual love between men and women. And I credit him for intervening in my marriage and putting a stop to my spouse divorcing me. Use The Great and Mighty Duke to Causes love between the sexes, arousing desire, stimulating one’s passions, and encouraging fidelity to one’s mate.

When you have Sallos seal in hand, the first very important part of talisman magic work-ceremony is the simple one of consecrating the seal. If the seal is for your own personal use, write your full name and your birth date on the reverse side write all names and birth dates on the back of the seal the names of those involved in the objective, the request should be written in a few words. Then, place the talisman between the palms and press the hands together in a “praying hands” position. Hold the hands to the center of the chest, both thumbs in direct contact with the body, and repeat sincerely three times,

"0 Eternal and Infinite Spirit, with humility I ask, with
love I invite, and with faith I beseech thee. Infuse this
token with the virtue of power and the force of univer­
sal strength. "

After being consecrated, the seal should never be touched by strangers as its powers could be diminished if handled by any other than the owner. Each talisman can be used time and time again, but by one person only and for one purpose only. If your objective changes, destroy the seal by fire and obtain a new one for the altered purpose. The seal should be kept clean and protected at. all times.

“Hail Mighty Sallos may you gain fame in the universe and may your name be on the lips of all the people of the earth” I highly encourage the use of The Mighty Duke to assist you in all your relationship problems.


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