Great entities I have tried to work with

All right so in the last 2 months actual Almost 3 months I’ve been trying to work with king asmodeus I actually did a pendulum divination to make a pact with him and gave him all the things I wanted him to do for me and what I would give in return. Thus far I have seen the results to the request from him. So I’m not sure if he is just taking his time or what but as soon as I start seeing results I’m going to go ahead And for feel my pack even though it’s past the time frames. That same night I did the same divination with king paimon Again I ask for what I want a does help with and let him agree that the terms through divination still no results but I do know they are coming so even with king paimon S turn as the results come I’m going to fulfill my packed with him as well. I also used the same process for king beliel Add again am still waiting but as soon as this Gray king also fulfills our pact I will fulfill my end as well. I also on that same night did AA couple of not packs but evocations of Duchess Bune and Amon. And the last few days I have really been into facing the East and speaking with Lord Lucifer I don’t have the astral senses to know if they’re there but I also Asked Lord Lucifer to help me and also to allow his great kings and others below him and their legiance to help me with my pacts. And when it comes to Lord Lucifer I don’t see him and with the other entities I don’t see them or hear them and that’s part of what I want from them as to teach me to strengthen my senses as well as take care of some other personal issues that I have going on. With me it’s different because I don’t really fill them as much as I get cold when I evoke them. In my living Room under my throw rug I have an inverted pentagram with each of their sigils around it. So now I’m sitting back and just waiting for the results and if anybody can give me Any advice as to what I need to do or how to be patient or anything like that it would be greatly appreciated. I am kind of new to the Left handed path I’ve only been on it about 18 months and only been into spirits and entities about 3 and a 1/2 months now and I’m wondering am I doing it wrong. I am one of those people I cannot visualize I cannot meditate really well because I have ADHD

But when I do talk about the kings and Lord Lucifer I get these Tingley’s all over me and I Get really itchy. I have explained all of them that I cannot hear themBut I do feel they are here with me so any advice on whether I’m doing this wrong or if it’s just because they were short time frames due to personal issues that need to be resolved or whatI know there are a lot of people on here who have been on here a long time and I am seeking your advice and wisdom. So any and all help and understanding would be appreciated thank you so much in advance

Sorry about such a long post and cant wait to be able to post public praise to all these great kings and lord Lucifer. And I know in time all will be taken care of by them and I will be posting long long public praise to each of them.

Why do you make pacts if you’re unable to hear or see them? You should be careful when making pacts.

As for the results, you have to wait depending on what you asked. If you asked with help for your astral senses you have to train them.

But really, you don’t need to do pacts and you should not do them when you are not developed. You can just ask the spirits for help with something and promise an offering (they work for free sometimes though).

I actually did the packs because I filled it with the things that I’m asking there as long as I’m willing to show them I am will make a long term commitment to them I think it looks better. And I feel that they’re gonna Solve the situation I just have to be patient just not the timeframe that I wanted done And I also feel that with great kings if you’re gonna ask them for things especially personal things that you should be willing to dedicate yourself to them but so far none of the dates or times or anything on the packs have been fulfilled by the frame so technically I don’t have a pact with Any of them because nothing has gone as planned. So now I just keep speaking the Lord luce for every night asking him to have his kings and their legions help me with This I can actually filled Lord Lucifer and it’s kind of like that Saying go big or go home well when I do things I do them to an extremely legit position that I have no doubts. And the packs were more to see if they could feel things by dates but as they haven’t technically the packs are no longer Valid in most ways their void but if they fulfill them in a timely manner I’m going to go and stick with my packs that I made with Every one of them because I feel if you’re gonna work with somebody as you can given little offerings but if you’re asking for a lot of changes in your life better gonna require them and their leaders to work on itThen you better be willing to give just as much. And as I said I did divination with a Pendulum to see if they wanted a pack for

To see if they wanted to pack for what I was asking to accomplish with them and every one of them through the pendulum divination said yes and they all but 1 Of them one at it signed in blood instead I signed all of them in blood. So if these great kings do not come through these packs are Void anyway and if they do come through with everything that I’ve asked to accomplish with them than I am more than willing to dedicate a year of my life to them and everything that I promised them

Just so you know…you can’t have a pact if you can’t communicate with the spirit.

A pact requires two-way communication so that you and the spirit come to agreement on what is expected of you both. It is a binding agreement so unless you have actual confirmation from the spirit that they have accepted your terms, then you don’t have a pact.

From your description, what you did were more like petitions, than pacts.

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My first sigil tat and am loving the feeling I have with it


Hail lucifer

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