Great candle event!

I have to pay better attention to things.
I finished my envokation this morning about 0100, spirits good, but no real events, got a “Not necessary” feeling, as if just because I am Pactworking I do not have to strain or ritual Every night. Which is fine, but way out of my nature for anything. But I ended, blew out the candles, which left the room typically very dark and i am always happy to not trip on the way out.
As usually did my cool down period of eat alittle, and do some binaurals for about 1 1/2 hours, then went to bed.
Had to get up too deal with my dogs, go to the can about 0330, on the way back as I always do , as I have the sanctum in direct line of sight, typically darkened room, no light coming through the dark blue towel curtain.
At about 0523-ish had to get up to open a gate for one of my dogs, and noticed ‘the light was on’ in my sanctum, which was not done by me or my wife. I went to the door and opened it and saw, ALL 4 of the sigilled candles lit and burning- and only the sigilled candles. I went and looked at them and they appeared to have been going for at least an hour. i have one lone candle on an upper deck of my altar, and then 3 about 1 1/2 ft below it on the altar deck, on an ascending candle holder with 2 on the bottom and one on top. All burning big as you please, and a very think warm feeling surrounded me and poured through me that I am indeed doing ok and will be ‘given signs’ but when the giver feels like it, not so much on demand.
I was pretty happy about it, and spent about 3 hours thinking about it this morning; then it dawned on me; it happened about 3 nights ago also, and I just passed it off as if I ‘forgot’ to put them out; which i know i didn’t due to money issues and needing to be careful with candles etc. but, if anything, this tells me I have to pay more attn to things, and like EA says, be willing to believe in myself and what I am doing. When I thought i had maybe forgot- clearly I didn’t- someone-likely Belial; was saying Hi.
I kinda like how spirits deal with me, if I wanna see or have something Right Dammit Now- [but nice and polite] they always my whole life- will go circus performer, Upon Their Will and Time; because that is when i need my Discernment to be most ready and active- when I am Not Expecting it!
Anyway, it was a nice thing and thought i would pass it on.

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