Gravity, magnetism (newbie question)

Would it be possible to directly evoke concepts like magnetism, gravity, etc. that werent understood by ancient cultures and therefore have no gods related to them?
Or would it be possible/easier to make an entity responsible for these concepts and go through them to get direct knowledge and manipulation of these things.
Maybe i dont fully understand what I’m asking and if so clarification would be appreciated.
Also i have only worked with archangel sigil magick so far so a “try it out yourself” answer would be wasted on me as i have yet to perform evocation of any kind.
Thank you for any responses you may choose to give

They were very much understood by ancient cultures, much more so than by our scientists today who see the effects and are capable of analyzing them, but do not understand their origin. They even admit to not knowing what gravity actually is, for instance.

I’m not sure if these forces (which are interrelated) can be attributed to entities, but I do find the question interesting and would be curious as to what others have to say.

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I hate this answer, because sometimes you truly feel you need a weigh in, but others aren’t always equipped to answer. I like this answer, because honestly you get the most out of something, by experiencing it.

I don’t see why a person couldn’t attempt to evoke the concepts to learn about them. I’m not sure it would be super different from evoking an element to learn from, with the caveat that the elements do have spirits associated with them.

I also imagine however, that as there are many beings said to teach about the sciences, that you don’t need to make a servitor to learn from, you could ask for angelic or demonic help in revealing what to study and where from. I always want a hands on teacher, but anytime I’ve asked a spirit to help me learn something they have simply led me to the best resources for me.


Yes, it certainly is, and has been done. They would be considered a form of elemental.

Here is an example:


Hello @Zabazu22.
I don’t know about evoking magnetism per se but I know it is possible to cultivate that aspect within yourself and understand by personally experiencing it.
I’d point you study Eastern methods of hypnosis (rather than Western).

Or anything that can maintain grow/prana (chi) in the body - and focus it through the eyes. That might be another alternative to evoking magnetism, depending on why you want to do it. Gravity, on the other hand, I do not know about.

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@DarkestKnight thank you for your link, I will save this for a time when my experience is sufficient that turning myself into a feral ghoul does not seem so daunting. I am currently living with my “burn em at the stake” dogmatic christian relative so Im not sure I can perform this at this time