Graveyard work

I am new to working in relationship to landscape and the elements, but it’s powerful. Do you work in graveyards ever? Do you ever work with graveyard dirt or spirits of the dead?

Any guidance would be great, books or authors on this area


Hey. When I was doing necromancy for a while I was doing rites in the cemetery.

Very powerful energies, vibes, so thats why I suggest to have experiences before going into something like that. The dead can fuck you up , also on cemetery there are other beings who will test you and some nasty ones who will be hanging around there.

So yea first get proper experiences, get to know yourself mostly your fears, create protection and than go for it .

Graveyard dirt I am using for curses and deathcurses, I am concentraing it with demons of Wrath for triple kill. :v:

I worked with 4 dead german soldiers, but we parted ways a few months ago after years of working together.


I definitely don’t think it’s a playground

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Thats good you dont think so, it would be mistake to do so…


I wanted to add that this location has a particular energy and a week ago, I was there in a dream speaking to a woman and a dog. It called me back after visiting there before.

I don’t have any intention to drudge up anything for thrills. I have a fear of this sort of shit happening to me.

So for me, I think it’s a thin place where the energy of the location could be useful to charging items, working particular rites and getting my feet wet in this sort of darker work.

Additionally to the correct posts above I want to add that you can start to build up a connection to death. There are a lot of different entities like Azrael, Anubis, The Ghede (Baron Samedi, Baron La Croix, Baron Cemetiere, Madame Brije, Baron Criminale) etc.

After you have experience you can start to call one of them. Don‘t force because it could turn out very bad for you. And be respectful, honest.
How you have to treat or service them depends on the entity itself so do your homework :wink:
If you like to visit cemeteries be respectful to the death spirits, don‘t throw your stuff around and don‘t take anything with you without paying for it - for example leaving coins for taking some graveyard earth.

I highly recommend you to start this contact only with experience.
Never!!! play games with them. They like it but you can‘t win. Never!

Death is wise and also part of new beginnings. He knows all about you and if you call him and he wants to come, he will.


What if I just continue to visit a powerful place and leave offerings overtime, as a way to show respect before I start taking dirt from graves

You still try to trick death.

You wouldnt leave it as a sign of respect cause you have other things in your mind.
Do it with honesty or take the consequences :woman_shrugging:t2:

Do it direct with clear intentions. No tricking around.

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@Allegrata I agree with everything what you wrote. :v:

@LittleDee leaving offerings overtime before taking something from cemetery is bad move.
The reason is you will look like a coward ( it looks like a fear ) and they know your intentions, they know everything about you. Therefore I wouldn’t try to trick them and try to “sweeten them” because thats not how it works and mostly dead are a bit more complicated with this from my personal experience.

How I take a graveyard dirt:
I go into cemetery, say hello to keeper and go to my grave which I feel is suitable for my particular work. Once I pick one I create protection shield around myself and start to meditate on the name of the dead to get an approval. Once I get it -it never happened to me I wasnt approved I take the dirt and light a candle for the dead as a thank you. Than I take my shits and leave but before leaving I am paying gatekeeper coins.

Taking the dirt is nothing complicated. You just must be honest with them and be respectful. That is all.

In general I suggest to beginners not to play with Death and dead spirits. First of all I suggest to focus on yourself - senses, meditation, ap etc…than move on spirit/demonic work or try even pathwork for a year and than go for the dead and Death. The reason for this is this is big we can say dangerous game, which will fuck you up if you are not ready… I knew a few black magicians, necromancers who died because of bad moves which they did related to necromancy.

Taking dirt is easy peasy go for it, but like working with the dead spirits, rituals on cemetery etc without proper experiences is worst move which you can do.

Hope this helps somehow✌️