Graveyard Dirt

Hello Everyone,

I plan on going to the cemetery to see if the “muerto” is willing to take my offering in exchange for graveyard dirt. But, I also want to make sure to leave an offering to the graveyard gatekeeper. Where do you guys usually leave your offering to the graveyard gatekeeper?

Are you looking to take some graveyard dirt?

Yes, there is a Muerto that I plan on visiting and giving him some offerings in exchange for dirt. I just want to make sure I don’t step on the graveyard gatekeeper’s toes and leave him an offering. I just don’t know where to place his offering.

I have left it right next to the entrance in the past. Seemed to work just fine

People say to leave it by the entrance. But the way this cemetery is constructed… I have no place to leave it by the entrance.

Many say you should leave it in the entrance but i got to know that you should leave a coin and never turn back when you are leaving. It shows respect and wont attract unwanted energies with you when you are leaving
But i guess you must find more information in it since you are entering a cemetery


I mostly offer things like cookies, candy or other food by putting it in the bushes, corners of the cementery walls or (if possible) bury them as a standard after visiting the graveyard.
As for collecting graveyard dirt, i put a candle on the grave of the person i’ve collected the dirt from, a cigar and for safe passage and respect you can leave a few coins or some other suitable offering by hiding it from the mundane.


Thank you. I will leave my offerings by the bushes. I always worry about ignorant people taking the money or offerings I leave. The cemetery I’m going to is new and modern, so creativity is important when leaving my offerings to the gatekeeper. You see, my aunt once saw a pile of quarters at a cemetery and she took the pile of coins. Days later she became extremely ill. She went to the doctor and was diagnosed with psoriasis of the liver. She was like, what? I don’t consume alcohol. I was like… the symptoms of the the dead man you stole from are manifesting. She had to go back and put the money back. She did a prayer for the muerto she stole from and apologized. She got better with time because she couldn’t sleep. She was having horrible nightmares. The most interesting part of it all is that she went back to see her doctor for a follow up and she no longer had psoriasis of the liver. The doctor was like, what? They were so confused lol :joy:


Thats really a interesting story to hear.