Graveyard dirt of a family member

So my question is would it be more effective to use graveyard dirt of a close family member (mother, father, sister etc) instead of the one of a stranger?
Maybe the ghost of that person will not haunt you if you had a good relationship? I could imagine that a stranger could get pretty angry if you disturb them in the astral, because the bond between this person (his body merged with the earth, so part of him is inside the dirt) and the spell you’re making is there if you want it or not… and getting rid of it is a pain in the ass right?

I am not that adept in necromancy so please tell me what you think about the pro and cons or what possibilities you see/what you would do with the dirt?:thinking:


It doesn’t quite matter honestly as the dead move on and nothing that’s anchored in this world is merely a shade/shell of who the person used to be.

But the graveyard of a family member would be effective especially if said family memeber was a practitioner or a person with high magical power.

You can use graveyard dirt for a lot of things but it’s mainly used in curses/hexes and things pertaining to death magic or necromantic sorcery


The grave serves as a link to the particular shade or spirit of the person buried there, so naturally having the dirt of a relative will increase the power of their manifestations within your life and increase their access to you and vice versa.


Family or ancestral grave dirt for protection
Dirt from the grave of a murderer for hexing and baneful magic.
Soldiers grave also for protection.
There is a way to gather the dirt in which you give thanks and offerings and do not turn to look back after walking away.
This is what I was taught anyway.

Graveyard dirt can be used to bring sickness in an enemy


I think here politeness and right communication is the key – for me if you ask the dead for a permission, the answer is positive and you gave him something in return, it will be ok under almost all circumsatnces/with almost any spirit of the dead. And yes, the connection to a family member is usually stronger and more powerful than connection to a non-familiar dead.