Grave dirt, sources

It appears that where one gets graveyard dirt kinda matters. So I am thinking for real potent Baneful magick; how about finding the evilest murderer who was executed in prison and buried in the prison graveyard?? now, who would I look fore for heinous murderer? and how to get the dirt without going to the cemetary myself??

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Well for one it be easy find name of a murderer especially one been killed on death row
More than likely the cemetery will be listed
All you need to do is go there ask for that person grave fill a few little bottles extra
Verry easy i used to look in papers for suciced and people who over dosed for there grave dirt

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Obituaries usually don’t mention cause of death.
In the case of suicide or overdose, cause of death will almost never be printed. So what section of the paper were you finding suicide/overdose victims?

Look at police reports they normaly list age gender than wach the obituaries normally mach them up

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I suggest researching murderers in your town. Thats what i did found a delightful one.

You’re very studious in your craft @Matt1976. Impressive. I’ve lived in big cities all my life though. And the papers don’t include police reports. There’s too many to print I’m guessing.

Bravo Matt.

Please don’t post ANYONE’S personal information here, the deceased have living relatives and it is inappropriate and could give this forum a bad name. PM contact information if you feel it is important to share.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


Sorry didn’t think of that i do apologize

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Perhaps not with suicide, but in MA we get told about overdoses all the time. After that, it is simply a matter of keeping an eye on the obits and checking cemetery grounds records. It’s also the easiest way to find murderer dirt from folks who did not achieve celebrity status within the ‘stabby’ community.

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Yes but overdose ghost seem be unrestfull and easyer to use in curseing people or causeing trouble as most addicts have many issues in life od is almost a form of suicide