Gratitude to Lucifer

(Yes, I did post this as a response on another post about Lucifer, but I wanted to make it an actual post to say Thank you more publicly and to those that did not see the other post.)

I wanted to give a quick public thanks to Lucifer!

A few days ago I did some invocation of Lucifer. I wasn’t sure at first if he heard, but now I know he has.

I had a dream that there was an Oracle card pulled and Lucifer was on the card, and the Card name was Noble. The message that was given was about pride.

Today, as I sit interpreting the dream…I am feel so much energy and movement in my chest/heart area and am filled with sexual energy and arousal. I interpret this as a clear sign that I am on the right track with my understanding and it feels AMAZING AND POWERFUL!!!

So thanks to everyone for your input and support as I gain knowledge on all of this!


Thanks for sharing!