Gratitude to King Paimon

I would like to dedicate this post to thanking my dear King Paimon for everything he has done for me. My apologies if this is TMI, but I feel like I have to share this story in its raw truth in order to show how grateful I am to King Paimon.

A couple of years ago, I was in a really unhappy and abusive marriage. I was manipulated and forced into marriage to a man that had raped me. Out of shame, I kept this secret and went through with the marriage quickly. I was 21 years old at the time. Due to cultural and religious restrictions upon me at the time, I couldn’t leave. My family didn’t know about any of this, and they thought I had married a nice, respectable guy. He was regularly abusive and I had completely lost my sense of self. A year and a half into the marriage, I was completely hopeless, consumed with postpartum depression and thought there was no way out.

I started reading about demons and decided to use a sigil to invoke King Paimon, which I learned how to do through this forum. One night, when I was crying and calling out to anyone for help, King Paimon came to me. He didn’t announce himself, but I knew it was him. He asked me what I wanted and I asked him to get me out of this marriage. Less than two weeks later, an intense situation happened, resulting in me involving the police. It was a terrible and difficult situation, but I was finally able to break free. My ex-husband was very remorseful and begged me not to leave him etc. He said he had no control over his actions that day and he said it was like someone was controlling his body and mind. I know that King Paimon directly intervened to set me free.

Thank you King Paimon, for saving my life. If it were not for you, I would probably be dead. Thank you for your kindness and patience towards me and for helping me through the darkest times of my life. Thank you for continuing to aid me and guide me, and for granting me the little things I ask you for. I hope this post can serve as a small show of gratitude for what you have given to me and how you help those who ask.

Thanks to my fellow forum users if you took the time out to read this. I truly appreciate it :black_heart:


Amazing!!! So happy you were able to get out. Hail Paimon!

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Great work and thanks for sharing!

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What an awesome testimony!!! King Paimon is the greatest. Thank you for sharing with us.

FYI, it’s never TMI don’t ever feel like you can’t share anything here. :bouquet:


King Paimon taught me a lot of self-expression and how to control my own mind. He really is amazing, thank you for sharing! :heart:


Thank you for sharing, this is wonderful! I’m happy for you for having gotten rid of that awful man. It’s one of the lesser talked-about qualities of King Paimon that He has great compassion for people who were abused and mistreated. He’ll be looking out for you.


Hail King Paimon !!!

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@Saintnalim thank you :relaxed:


Thank you for your kindness :sparkles: King Paimon truly is amazing :black_heart:


Hail the great King Paimin, and glad you are free from oppression. Be blessed

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That is really great to hear :relaxed:

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