Gratitude to Duke Dantalion

I haven’t been on balg for a bit due to just do more work on myself both spiritual and mundane, more work hours from a promotion 6-7 months ago and tring to get my side projects turned to real businesses. I’ve been doing a lot of solar plexus healing with Dutchess Gremory and dantalion started really standing out when it concerned my sex life(idk why) and I figured I’d give it a shot. When I did more research than I did in the past, the bit about him altering a persons mind/perception to be on board with your intentions intrigued me.

So, I decided to give him a shot and see what comes of it concerning a female co-worker I share an insane sexual chemistry with and we get along very well. Catch is her bf used to be a good friend and I cut him off cause he’s toxic and a user. She started dating him last december cause of me :man_facepalming:t4:. On October 11th I drew up a petition and respectfully asked him to help me with her. To sway her mind to act on her sexual urges with a bj to open the doors for possibly more. Also, since she’s bisexual, possibly a 3way with a mutual acquaintance. His payment will be dark chocolate(i bought Raspberry and dark chocolate), whiskey which I received visions of whiskey in coffee and public recognition.

On the 13th we make plans for a starbucks run and major rain grounded her car so we ended up together drying off in her bf attic room(weasled his way into her house with her and her family). While we were talkin she was sitting on his bed, i was on his computer chair and she kept staring at my crotch obsessively. She went to take a shower and made a playful grab for my crotch laughing about blowing me. After her shower and a few minutes later with her sitting between my legs showing me stuff, she ended up in the chair initiating some things. When we finish she starts talking out of nowhere about her getting our mutual acquaintance to have a 3way fwb when I get my new place an the woman might be down cause they’ve been talking about it since her bf is just barely ok in bed and they want someone better.

Tonight(15th) we ended up going out for Halloween shit and she darts back to her house. Harmless conversation leads us into fourplay and going 2 rounds before i left.

Fuck yeah Dantalion, I seriously didn’t know he worked so damn fast and was willing to help me. 3 years ao when i tried to work with him he fucked me up mentally in a physical way when i tried to contact him. Idkwtf changed this time, but, I’m highly grateful for him helping me out. I will be working with him, Azazel and Gremory for mental health work for past trauma, etc and deep shadow work.

Thank you Duke Dantalion :metal:t3:


Nice story, bro!

I must ask: Have ever had the pleasure of having a conversation with the Might Duke?