Gratitude: Ever felt that even the replies or help from the members of this forum is like messages from Spirits and Ascended Masters?

I think that in the astral plane we are all connected and we are not bounded by time and distance. I think that we are all connected here on a deeper level than we can actually perceive it.

And I think that sometimes, even the simple reply on something by a member to another is what messages that entities are trying to convey and use each other as medium !!

I just want to thank the creation of this forum and thank all members !

Thank you @Lady_Eva Thank you @damionmoore Thank you @neondemon178 , naming just a few !! I heart you so much and namaste ( I respect the divinity in you )


I am new to this community, been here for barley 2-3 days and have received so much help and advice, I would be lost without it :grin:


same as ive been here for 1 week and Im not even on the left hand path but I love this forum thanks so much I have lots to learn and many questions to ask I have had many experiences with demonic entites but done no study on black magic


A warm welcome ! I am new too here but not new to the left hand path and I already figured out so many things so quickly and feel like family here !


Yes, people here are keen on helping, very welcoming.


Ever felt that the replies or help from members of this forum is like messages from ascended Masters?

Well yes. That’s because I’m a Descended Master. I should charge a pretty penny for the straightforward, inexpensive, tried, tested and true stuff I post. I’m the real fucking deal, but I suffer both the curse of my grade and my own inabilities and quite frankly neither are any of your business.

Anyway, I accept money donations. I’ll accept cigars of all types, especially boxes of Partagas Serie D (No.4 preferred, but No.5 will do); nasal snuff, especially the dry as dust, blow your head clean off American snuffs; quality Brandy, Cognac, Bourbon and Gin are also acceptable. I’m prepared to take as much as you give. That’s just who I really am.

Alternatively, I’m so full of it, it’s running out from the bottom of my long pants. I’m another sad case, self-deluded freak with nothing better to do than post self-aggrandising rubbish on-line. Matter for you.


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Your feelings on this might be correct.


your welcome anytime I’ll help you and others woth what I can. thank you all for being my friends and helping me out to.


I fully agree. Spirits talk through people


If you do a ritual right you should feel a sense of divine love, which automatically leads to a feeling of gratitude. Doesn’t matter if you’re left HP or right. All the energies in your creation belief-system, from top to bottom, have conjoined to help you. Angels or demons, it doesn’t really matter.


You are right ! Sending love to you !