Grant Morrison's : The Invisibles

Hey all,

I wanted to do a post on Grant Morrison’s : The Invisibles
as anyone who has completed these comics knows that obviously there is something more to these comics then meets the eyes and are packed full of subtle layers of information and insight and knowledge.

Like everything else i thing else what brought me to these comics was my own quest and i quickly recognized the current(as we do) and got these comics.
They are full of references and information that will assist in expanding the mind of the reader obviously depending on which part of your journey you are at.
Some of the information will hit hard some wont.

Anyways the purpose of this post is to cover references and reference material within each volume and explain or atleast offer some further knowledge or experience
on these references or concepts and ideas or even what might morrison be trying to get across…

So i will start with Volume 1

I am trying to learn as much about them as well as what other people have to say about them.
Things I may have missed or not gotten at all as they are very dense with information and knowledge and experience.

Nothing we may talk about is neccessarily true or false or untrue but permitted :wink:

So i think the best way to start with all the references is to number each one from the begining of volume 1.
Also anybody, feel free to add in or contribute to the numbers and just an idea or more so a concept i would like to communicate or prefix this with is.

200 People reading 1 book is stupid,
200 People reading 1 book each is far more productive.

If you feel i missed things or didnt mention or passed over things please add them in your own post But Put VOLUME 1 beside them as this will keep them organised.

Okay in the spirit of conspiracy and paranoia i will mention theres no encryption on this website , so let’s start.


  1. John lennon speaking about leaving the band known as the beatles(which is a symbol for reincarnation among many other things im sure)
    “I mean , I’m never going to be able to play the bass and im fucking sick of paul moaning about it”
    "Lets go somewhere and toast your retirement from the world of popular entertainment"
    Maybe he faked his own death for whatever reason and this was his "retirement"
    also there is an entity that says

“HA-HA-HA” …
"We are thousands. Erdische Methode Gut,Starker Besitscher. Terrible light and cold. One is dead at 22 one at 40"
“We are the mad ones here in the world. Come home. The reverse of the moon seelisches land”

  1. Dane Robs an Astra.

Anyone have any ideas why its an Astra im sure the word has some significance.

3.Harmony House

This is were the boys get nuetered.
To get rid of their rebelious nature and possibly turn them into cyphermen for the system?

4.The Man in the suit
known as gelt then transfers his soul into an insect after King mob shoots him, as his “Escape route” which then gets crushed under danes feet as he walks away

  1. The man talking about how our thoughts are recievers
    "Cheap radios , they’ve tuned us in and theyre making us play their music and we dont even know it."
    “We think our thoughts are our own , but let me tell you, they’re not”
    “We’re talking about these ELF(extra low frequency) transmitters programming our minds with carefully modulated waveforms”
    “Theyre using our televisions , theyre using satellites(sat prefix relates to the word saturn or stemming from it)
    theyre using the muzak(spelled muzak not music) in bars and shopping centers”
    “When was the last time you had a thought that wasnt put there by them”

  2. Tom makes Dane invisible as the police officer looks for him
    Tom mentions the prince of darkness "Modo, hes called , and Mahu"
    Anyone any ideas?

7.Tom and Dane smoke some shit in the subway
Leading them to another world , Barbelith is on the wall as tom talks about the city of london meaning Luan-Dun , City of the moon.
The stuff they smoke triggers something of an abduction experience and dane then has a scar on his head when they arrive in the “Other city” with the airships etc
Tom then talks about alot of things including The pyramid on canary wharf and dragons lines

Anyone know what is meant by "Child roland to the dark tower came, his word was still “Fie, fo and fum , i smnell the blood of a british man”. ?

8.Tom shows dane through the eyes of a pigeon and he sees a dark figure above the building. He also talks about vities being a virus.

This will on going and i will add more as i have the time…