Grand Tableau

I’m offering 7 free readings using my Lenormand deck.
What in offering is to do a grand tableau spread for you. The grand tableau is a spread that uses every card in the Lenormand deck, laid out in a 9x4 square. The man or woman card indicates the client, and the cards around it reveal the past, present, and future.
Other cards, such as The Heart, represent specific facets of a person’s life. Reading around them can reveal more information about that part of the person’s life.
So that’s I’m offering y’all. Remember, Lenormand does not focus on your spiritual life, it’s a very mundane deck. Tarot is where you want to go for spiritual stuff. Furthermore, in order to get a free reading, you MUST sign up below. This is so I can keep track of how people are there and so other members can know as well. When you are ready for your reading, send me a pm and I’ll get to it ASAP.

Can I have one please?

I am interested in a reading, Euoi. All the readings I’ve had done have been spiritual in nature, so looking at the mundane would be a refreshing change of pace.

Id like to have one, please!

Me too

I’d be interested in a reading. Thanks.

Alright, send me a pm guys with the gender you most identify with.

Me too Euoi, pleasee…

i’m interested,thanks

Alright, all the slots are filled.

Great reading Euoi, it made me reflect about my life. Thank you!

Everyone, just wanted to say I’ve gotten everybody’s pm’s. I just need to actually set aside time. I should get to a bunch tomorrow, and every one should get theirs by the weekend.

The reading was right on the spot. Everything about what im going through presently, holy shit. Lol also insight of what to come in the future . Gave me chills!

Euoi has skills! Id definitely recommend him

Thanks Euoi =)

Precise reading,thank you very much Euoi.

Wow, Euoi, that reading was like the cards peeked inside my secret heart, into that part of me that’s hidden away, even from myself.

I’ve always had financial problems and have become obsessed with using magick to resolve them. Thanks to previous divinations and evocations, I know that I carry some considerable spiritual baggage when it comes to money and wealth, so it was very interesting what your reading showed I valued over money.

Thank you, my friend. The Grand Tableau provided a startling look into my microcosm. Excellent work!