Grand Duke Dantalion

So, even though I was never intended to use magic for love or money stuff, I decided today to use it for love.
Long story short, I found out in the forums about grand duke Dantalion and well, I got impressed by how good he is. And I’m not talking about his power over love, thoughts, that he knows all of human’s thought and the things he can teach. I’m also talking about his behaviour and his energy.

So, I decided to call him. I visualised a circle (in order to power myself up for an easier summoning) and I also used his sigil. I also had a chanting but I didn’t use it. After a few seconds I felt and instense energy (probably because I hadn’t felt his energy before). After a while though it changed to a really relaxing energy and it was really nice to feel that.

Well, I asked him if he truly has the power to see any human’s mind and to control it and he told me that he can easily do that and he can also easily read it. I could only hear him so I don’t know the change of forms everyone is talking about.
I told him about the woman I like, all the info I knew about her and that I needed his help. I also told him of the things I offer in return for his help (one of them is to share my experience with you guys and to inform anyone about him who needs any help calling him). He agreed to help me as long as I stay true to the agreement (and I always stay true to my agreements with spirits). I told him how long it would take and he told me a few days. So I guess he works pretty fast too.

To sum everything up, my first impression is that Dantalion is a really good spirit to work with, with a really calming energy (which I got used to it quickly) and also his powers are also really helpful. He was kind of serious and a bit formal but I guess since it’s the first time working together, that’s to be expected. I hope we can soon develop a friendship and work together more. I’m sure that it will work. The only doupt I have is of my own abilities (if everything happened correctly).