Grammatical help?

So I’m trying to find out how to word petitions.

One of the tutorials on here says to call to the demon (or spirit entity), say what you want, give thanks, and a time frame. Then to forget about it. Another method I saw and someone commented on one of my post was to say you have (whatever you are petitioning for) in present time [I have $100.] So how are you suppose to put a time frame on something for the spirit and say you have it in the present time too? How should I go about this?


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There are many ways to do a petition spell. Choose one method and try it out.

You wouldn’t. If you are affirming you already have what you want then you obviously can’t put a time frame on it.

I think you are getting hung up in the insignificant details. Just follow the instructions for whatever method you are using and don’t worry about anything that says different.


I have found that affirming I already have it without being too specific how I got it in what amount of time works best but go with your gut


I word my petitions in past tense, if I can, or present tense if not.

E.g. “I received $100”, “X gave me a promotion”, or “I own a Tesla”, “I am in a relationship with X”.

Also helps to focus on what you do want, rather than what you don’t – e.g. “I am in perfect health” instead of “I no longer suffer from ulcers”.

I’ve tested time frames before – no success so far, so I tend to give them a miss in my own petitions.


I agree, I’ve never had any success with anything I tried to put a time frame on, but when I just accept the work is done, it will come when it comes, most times things like material goods and money come fairly quickly.

Anything to do with emotions, other peoples emotions, convincing others etc… Eh too many unknown possibilities for what needs to happen, so I feel like anytime we limit the magic to set time, we are pretty much setting ourselves up to fail.


how many petition do you write for the same purpose?

It depends. Normally just one.

However if I have one big “purpose” or overarching goal, I will plan how to break that goal down into smaller steps. Then I will write several petitions for several different entities (all aimed at a different aspect, or step, of the same single goal) and cast them.

But I don’t reuse the same petition over and over with different entities.


I agree. Trying to call up a big miracle right off the bat isn’t as effective as magick in steps. Ask for the improbable, not the impossible at first. Like you, I have a big goal ( which the rules and guidelines set by the govt. have made harder, so more wheels need to be set in motion ), so I’m going to employ this demon for that aspect/angle, that angel for that, that demon to work on this, and so on. You are right that a ritual petition usually needs to be done once for the desired results, but such is not always the case. As you ( I think it was you ) basically said, you don’t need to keep throwing magick at a desire/issue and think it will give better results. There is a demon ( I forget who, I will look at my books and notes and post here so hopefully it helps someone ) that will tell/reveal to you which path/way of approaching something is most likely to come to fruition. You show obvious wisdom in how you go about things @Veil. I also word my petitions/statements of intent in the present tense or as if it’s already happened, or you are dooming yourself to unfulfilled desires ( i.e. “I will be rich” means that someday you will, but not now ). Setting time frames limits the demons on how to best achieve your desire because you are putting conditions on it and not letting the demons act/bring you what you want in the best way possible using their superior wisdom in ways you might not have thought of. I agree with you 100%, we basically approach things like this in very similar ways

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