Gotta ride this out ugh

I fell out bad with the majority of my family. I called a bunch of ppl out on their shit, I won’t get into it cuz, drama…anyway I got cursed, probly unintentionally but there are magicians who were mad at me. Just say about 15 ppl throwing bad vibes my way. I acted immediately and took it off through fasting and a few other rituals, peace rituals, APPOLOGISING in the past few weeks but the residual… jfc. I’m 100% it’s just residual now. I’m just trying to ride this out. You wouldn’t even believe the shit if I told you…the nightmares and sadness… I thought my defenses were pretty good, I over estimated myself. Has anyone else gone through this? What helped? Thanks guys!

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So you’re practically saying that you were cursed by multiple people?

do a full cleansing of your self and home also try grounding as well these three are your best bet…

I normally cleans with rubbing alcohol and Epson salt it works fine and bath in it too it takes all the bad juju away hope this helps p.m if you need help or have questions

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