Gotta Get My Stuff Yo

What are ur experiences using entities to acquire things that may be hidden or from another location?

I know there are spirits that are written to do such. What was the execution like? How did the object or thing u asked for appear? This really interests me because some texts seem to require some exotic things. Im guessing one can improvise (like using shells and sand from a beach as graveyard dirt…since a beach is essentially a grave of dead shelled things anyways) for some things, but for others not so much…

Also, there may be things far more exotic and out of reach…Its not like I’d ask a spirit for a 20 dollar bill…within reason , Im sure such a request ought to be for something…very important…

Curious to hear any stories about using spirits to acquire objects ( any ) and how it went.

-Random spirit, bring me the jade monkey before midnight!
-Wouldn’t you better want this bunch of lost things that are scattered across your room? Also, the jade monkey has been on your desktop all this time. You are welcome