Got Told To Make One

Introductory post :


My name is not relevant but if you would like to talk feel free to call me Aksys or Kyle. I respond to both generally.

I am currently beginning a different journey than what Im used to. I’m someone who works very heavily with energy work as I was born with an over-active mind or as “psychiatrists” called it ADHD. It wasn’t really until I got off of the prescription drugs and such that I began to realize just how different this made me from a lot of my friends. It would make it extremely hard to focus on one thing however once I entered what I like to call the hyperactive trance state it was like a burst of energy from every direction and anything was possible to create / do in my mind.

The difference begins here however I am looking into the more dark / black aspects of energy manipulation and magick in general as I have always had an affinity to the darker sides of nature such as predator prey rule, calmness of an empty mind, ignoring the left side of the brain and completely absorbing yourself into the right, etc. I’m beginning to research the Ars Goetia as well as many other Compendiums / Codex regarding this aspect of things and ended up here somehow.


Pros :
I love music,
I love art,
I play video games.

Cons :
Im perceived as lazy sometimes because of ADHD and the inability to focus.
I don’t like ignorant conversations without a purpose.

Anyway, I think that pretty much sums me up. I dont post selfies or take pictures of myself usually before someone asks what I look like. I’m sure if you look up my name hard enough you’ll find a picture on google or something lol.