Got saved again? - BIG-BIG thanks to You, Belial! You are just amazing!

Last night I was about to go outside in the night, and let myself and my soul-sister a little walk in the dark, sleeping city around midnight. I did it several times before, and although this place is filled with drunk-, homeless people and drug dealers, nothing bad happened with us at night before (that 3 rape attempts against me are happened at daytime, but after long years, this fear simply vanished, so of course I didn’t count on it, in some cases They saved me from the rapist).

Exactly this night was the first night since a long time, when I’ve called Belial again, because We didn’t spent any time with Together for a long time, so I did it now, but before the bedtime, I just wanted to brush up myself.

So I’ve decided to call out my girl and hang out in the dark city for hours, what wrong could happen with us? But then… I’ve started feeling something, weird. It was like a huge snake crawling under my skin, between my organs and bones, every time when I started thinking about the night-walk, planning it and so on.

It was very suspicious, so I’ve asked Belial about it, but His answer was very direct:

  • You shouldn’t go outside now.

Oh, come on… this is nothing more just a little walk in the night, nothing will happen.
( This crawling feeling became worst after my words. )

  • If you are about to leave your house, do it after 02:00 .

That would be too late.

  • So, you won’t leave the house.

( It was clear He knew what will be my answer. )

Why? - I asked?

A long silence filled the space, but He answered again:

  • You won’t leave the house.

I was totally confused, but I felt that I should listen to Him. I’ve fought against my stubbornness, as always in my life. This would be the time when I wouldn’t give a single f*** to my guts, and went out, but Belial’s words put an effect on me, so after those, how He told me: I can’t leave my house.

I’ve called my sister about this, and asked her to find a new date to our little walk, because this night won’t be ok for us. She told me that okay, but I felt that she was a bit disappointed, but at the same time, reassured.

We just woke up not so long ago, and I’ve found in a local FB group of our City, that 2 young girl got raped by 4 men at midnight, 40 methers away from us - exactly the same space where we usually walk towards the centre of the city.

I’ve immediately wrote to my sister about the case, and she answered that: She has a bad feeling about this walk, all the time. She asked me about am I have, too? - I’ve answered that “Yes, this was the reason why I let this idea go”. I didn’t talked about Belial’s warning, to her, but I’ll, but momentarily this is too shocking that I’ve almost let herself got hurt by these men, because of my stubbornness.

I’m so grateful for Your help, Belial! Thank you!

You just saved us from these bastards, I can feel it…
I’m also swear that I’ll learn from this incident.

( There are two picture of my environment at night time. )


Please be carefull. Don’t get paralyzed, but stay protected


I’m grateful your okay…I hope that those rapist get destroyed


Yes, you are right. And after a long thinking about the case, maybe I know why Belial didn’t said nothing about “why should I stay at home”. Because somewhere deep inside I wanted to find a physical confrontation with someone else, which wouldn’t helped me in my case, but would forced me to go outside and finally, find it.

I’m hope so. There are a lot of from these guys, but I’ll follow the news about them.Their actions will be punished, but sadly I’m sure that not by our law…

Thank you Guys. :black_heart:


Lol I get a feeling that King Belial is only nice to women :frowning_face:


I’m sure that several men have a very nice results with Him and get a big help from Belial.

Where did your opinion coming from? Personal experience or you think in this way based on other’s experiences?

( Somewhere I’ve read about that some Deities and Spirits are handle differently persons based on their gender, anyway. But in my opinion you’ll to find the answer in the energies, rather than the “gender” itself. )


That’s awesome! One time a man came up to me randomly at a restaurant while I was holding my one year old son. He was acting like weirdo already when my partner was holding my son earlier and he was staring at my son and started a small chat with my partner, saying my son is cute and has cute hair and so on…He came around to me this time to close with a weird smile and said your son is so beautiful and started making small talk about my son…like its okay to say aww how cute and move on with your life…but this dude was something else. Suddenly I hear very loud and clear.


I’m just like to the man okay bye! But I know my guides and my beloved is always protecting me and my son!


Why do you think like that lol Belial saved me from court.
By the way @Nagash glad you are ok, sorry for those poor girls tho.


God… please evoke Belial and give him an offering with the request to make these men die tortuously, or be handicapped and in pain for the rest of their lives so they can hurt no one else… please do!


How about…
In the ass…

They deserve to get raped now.


Yeah though I find if you’re too specific it can take longer, so I try to be as general as I can.


Haha thank you for the comment. I deleted it thinking it was stupid tbh but I think I feel that way looking at how women talk about him. I mean I have noticed that females absolutely love him. And since he isn’t known to bully females. Many people have been used as his doormat and for some reason most of them are males. That’s all really.

The funny thing is that when I was first introduced to the occult, he was the first entity that I felt so drawn to. I mean I was in absolute love with him. So I did some research and found out that he is scorpio. And well, me too. I also found out from some more research that he tends to use people as a doormat if you don’t fight back. But recently I am starting to be found of him again. He seems super chill and doesn’t tend to give a fuck.

He’s like that cliche guy from the movies. Sitting down smoking a cig and chilling. But need be, he won’t hesitate to drop a punch to save the day. And then go back to smoking another cigarette. lol

(Btw just to add, that last paragraph doesn’t mean any disrespect. He is a very powerful being and being on his bad side would surely fuck my life up lol. I am exceptionally fond of him but reaching out to him seems a bit…scary tbh)


Don’t worry, he can be just as mean to women.


Glad you’re okay. And yes, you should totally explain to your friend all of this. With calm. Maybe a little bit over several talks?

Also… I get why you would want to go there, the pictures are just beatiful.


I see. Well, you can see women here whos first ride with Him happened in a really strange, not as friendly way, while you can see also men who are in a really close connection with Him. It is really not depends on their gender, but their whole ‘self’.

For example: their actual level in magick, their personality and the way how they behave in their life and so on. Everything can be a reason why you got that kind of ‘care’ what you have from Them - what you need. Not everyone will understand, but sometimes being nice with you doesn’t = with support and help, at all.

And since he isn’t known to bully females.

If you want to find a Deity who is really mean with lot of (especially) women, ask my lovely Sitri. Haha, of course, I’ve explained why people (especially women) experienced such a things with Him like those what you can read about, but hey… you’ll get what you deserve.

Every Deity will handle you probably different way, and some of them clearly called “malevolent” because of Their own style. I won’t say that He isn’t enjoy this, because He does. But it doesn’t mean that as a woman, you can not have great results, big jumps in your development and a very honest and beautiful relationship with Him. Even from that painful way how He handle you, can and could learn.

Again, this is not only about your gender.
But you can find usually typical properties connected to men and women, and they are mostly different.
( + There are reasons why you call an ‘energy’ / Entity / Aspect feminine or masculine. )

(Btw just to add, that last paragraph doesn’t mean any disrespect. He is a very powerful being and being on his bad side would surely fuck my life up lol. I am exceptionally fond of him but reaching out to him seems a bit…scary tbh)

I’m sure no one get it wrong, but I’m glad reading that. There are some Deities who are really sensitive if someone disrespectful with Them. Lucifuge Rofocale is one of Them, and let’s be honest, I’m also can’t stand if someone disrespectful.


…Why the hell would you do this in the first place? No woman would deliberately go out in the middle of the night for a “casual walk” in a dangerous neighborhood unless she didn’t have a choice, was one of those rapist or drug addicts or she was an idiot.

Good thing Belial talked some sense into you, otherwise it really would have ended badly.

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You are already wrong. Lot of young women spend their time outside their house at summer, hanging around the city, party and sex time all around this wicked place, in the middle of the night, and as you see, lot of women can be automatically a victim of anyone.

This is how most sexual rape can happen (and in this case, happened - for millions of girls enjoys the night-life). If no one would outside, there wouldn’t be so much rape, absolutely logical. What kind of question is this?


And if it’s common knowledge that a lot of women get raped in this area, then why would they still go?

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Becuse lot of people ignores the fact, that they can be also a victim - this is a part of human nature. Most of them don’t even think about it. What they think is: “this couldn’t happen with me” - before it would happen. Of course, after the tragedy, everything will change in their mind (usually).

Why would anyone swim in the ocean? - It can be dangerous.
Why would anyone eat unhealthy food? - It can be dangerous.
Why would anyone use internet? - It can be dangerous.
Why would anyone summon Demons or Spirits? - It can be dangerous.

Everything can be dangerous, and with every decision of yours, you have to count it’s price. But even if you didn’t count on it, it can happen. Your viewpoint about walking outside at night is absolutely similar like this. It can be a good fun, a very chilling night at the moonlight’s embrace, but can ended up with a horrible rape.

What I can say about myself is:

I’m about to take care myself at 100% care. I don’t drink alcohol, I’m not using drugs or even cigarette.
Not even outside, but at home. I’m about to keep my mind clear, without any kind of control of these things, because it is well known fact how easily you can be a victim as a drunk woman or even man.

You can call me idiot, because I wanted a little break outside after a long work day (because I’m working at home at the summer, and have to handle the housework and kitchen as well), at the night, in complete silence, free from people. Your choice.


How stupid is someone to think they can do whatever they want just because of their urges as if nothing would hit them back after their actions.