Got a surprise while doing my Tarot’s

I was doing my tarot cards using my daemon tarot deck and everything was going good, I was getting heaps of messages and King Paimon and Astaroth made a quick visit to me and gave me some advice. Then I started finishing up (started putting away my cards and all) and i heard someone say that they’re here to see me and I got creeped out. I asked who it was and he said Azazel. And I was like “oh shit” because I’ve been getting messages to contact him for ages both in my dreams and when I’m awake speaking to other entities but I always told myself that I wasn’t ready yet and just to wait so never did. We started to talk but I soon became sceptical. Azazel started goofing around and cracking jokes and I was like “this isn’t Azazel, this is someone else isn’t it?”. And he said “turn over the first card on your deck”. So I went to my deck of cards and did as he said. It was Azazel’s card. Freaked me out so much :joy:. At least we’ve finally had a proper discussion now…


Do you like the Daemon tarot? I just got it a few days ago, I find it to be a little confusing at times


I love it but it took a while to get used to. It’s really different to any other deck I’ve used. Sometimes I use my rider tarot cards with it for a clearer message.