Gordon Winterfield

Hello everyone, in this post i wanna talk with you about my experience with the book ‘‘Magickal attack’’ by Gordon Winterfield. Im doing the ritual to break up a relationship, the first day i felt the presence of the entities but in the next days (im in my 5th day of 30) im no felt nothing, maybe because i accustom to them. The rituals are very easy and even fun to perform.
Well thats my post, i wanna read your opinions and andvices about it. What do you think about the book? Have you read something of him?

Good weekend to everyone!!!

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Tell us about the results :wink:

Yes I have his book. i have not yet had reason to work with it.
I do work with the material (72 Angels) from Damond Brand with good results

I have tat book.but seems longer dtrful instructions to follow.

I am doing it right now, aklmost done with it, the results have been ok so far, they still talk now and then at work but mostly ignore each other, but I noticed the more I did the ritual the more my anger and hate began to grow weaker and weaker but I will finish this off.