Goosebumps at will?

Anybody else here can control Goosebumps at will?. It almost feels like inhaling through my skin or pulling in energy from the centre of my body.
Feels like a slight buzz when doing it. Any magical explanation for this ?

Anybody else can do this? Share your experience

I can, but it’s more like… it’s weird. It’s a muscle or something, I just “do it” and I get goosebumps and warmth all over my body. It’s like I can make my blood move around my body? I don’t even know. But I know I can control it at will. Sometimes it gets so powerful to the point where my brain swells up( don’t worry it isn’t dangerous I think) I can control, but I don’t what it’s for. It also happens when I’m angry or motivated and my brain gets super swelled up or full of energy? Anyways I just know that my brain feels full or squeezed.

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I can also control where the “goosebumps” go. If I imagine it going to my feet, it goes to my feet, if I imagine the warmth going to my hands, it goes to my hand. But when I don’t imagine, it’s usually my chest and my brain.

It’s always start with my right side then left side of my body to my feet then to my skull and Brain :brain:
It’s weird and kinda cool at the same time