Google Translate is a tool we can be using more to help Non-Native Speakers of English

Hi Forum,

I just wanted to remind all that not everyone is a native speaker of English and that might make some shy or intimidate them in this forum. But S̶k̶y̶n̶e̶t̶ oops I meant Google has a translator that seems to do a decent job with most languages on Earth.

It supports over a hundred languages from around the globe so I believe that will pretty much cover almost anyone visiting this forum whom a Non-native speaker of English. Let’s use that free tool to aid our fellow practitioners in learning and sharing info in their native tongue whenever necessary.


This is helpful, however, we have members from all over the world on here and having English as our common language makes member-moderation simpler and fairer.

However members are encouraged to use Google Translate and post in the English it delivers, and mention that it has been translated by this service so that any mistranslations are easier to understand.

If someone wishes to speak with other members in any other language, please make a post in English with that requests this in the title (for example, “Russian-speaking magick chat”), and then take the conversation to PM, note that the responsibility to report any rule-breaking (such as spamming adverts) in that PM will lie with the people taking part.

But we do ask members to please post in English because detecting rule-breaking posts made in non-English is that much harder to moderate. :+1:


On s’en occupe facilement en postant la réponse à la fois en langue étrangère, en double interligne et en postant la même réponse en anglais, comme je l’avais déjà fait dans des publications précédentes, à des locuteurs non anglophones. Je l’ai fait avec cette réponse aussi pour illustrer.

That’s easily taken care of by posting the response both in the foreign language and also double spacing and posting the same response in English as I have done on previous posts to Non-native speakers of English. I done so with this response as well to illustrate.

Also Google translate is notorious for translating other languages into English incorrectly.

No one said Google 100% prefect but it gives a pretty good approximation for Western Languages.

But this also permits people to post completely different things, and rely on search engines to return results in the non-English language.

An honest person sometimes cannot conceive of the amount of ways spammers, scammers, and other bad guys will attempt to exploit any popular forum to gain an advantange.

For this reason, please do NOT make substantial amounts of any post (more than a phrase or two, or technical terms you are exaplining) in a non-English language.

English is the common language on here for important reasons and I have defined a simple method by which people may very easily meet others with a shared lnaguage to chat in their own tongue. :+1:


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