Goofy question :)

I grew up in the 80’s, and was a total metal kid… I played guitar since the age of 10 and off and on though out the years…
I really want to take it up again as it is relaxing to me and just enjoy the sound etc…

The old cheese " I sold my soul to the devil to SHREEEEDD MAAAAANNN"   Robert Johnson at the cross roads etc....  Like that bad 80's movie Trick or treat lol...

I would love to pick it back up again and although was self taught, but was in band etc my whole school career, want to push past where I was and get loads better… It is much like lifting weights etc a meditation to me and sometimes I just want to get lost in the sound…

Would taking this trivial idea up with Lucifer be acceptable?  

My best to you,

Well put your ideas in practice. I am a metal musician myself, and I know how it feels to get lost in the sound.


It possesses you.

Oh totally !!

Another metal musician chiming in here!

Yeah he’d be cool with it. Made me a bargain he did.

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