Hello all.

Unfortunately I feel I need to take a break from this forum. Its pulling too much of my attention from my workings, I’m sure a lot of people understand that, and that’s no good.
As of right now, I’m not sure if it will be a permanent thing or only temporary. This is something that needs to happen though so I can further my workings with Azazel and a few other God’s.

I’d like to personally thank, for their wisdom and insights, Lady Eva, Frater Apotheosis, Waltyrs, Jaysolome, and Diazin. They have gave me a lot of information.

On the note though, I also thank the BALG community. Everyone spreads different knowledge and it gives me things to think about.

Anyways, thank you all.


Take care, and don’t forget there are a lot of tools like Leechblock (a free Firefox add-on) to help you enact willpower, if you ever want to come back to here and be a bit stricter on the time spent.

Meanwhile good luck with all your work, and hope you have a great Festive Season! :slight_smile:

Thank you Lady Eva, you as well! :slight_smile:

Good luck

Good luck with your stuff dude! Anything pm me!