Checking the forums has become distraction from my work. The time has come for me to move on to more practical experiments and application.

To those who benefited either through challenge or assistance, you are welcome.

Good luck with your studies. Follow them with practical experiments until you achieve mastery.


Well, you were one of the respectable ones. I hear ya Narius, I’ve been cutting back on internet time myself to focus on the work.

There are a great deal of 13 year old Internet Magi’ that are a distraction…

Good luck in your endeavors.

I see a noble man in you Narius V. Walk on the right track.

Don’t be a stranger, please keep us updated from time to time. Knowing what your up to makes the intrigue worse lol.

Good luck man.

Good luck, and thanks for everything you’ve shared, some very thought-provoking stuff - like TWF said, please don’t be a stranger if you ever feel like doing a big old dump of gnosis and ponderings.

I use Leechblock to limit time I spend on certain sites (it’s a Firefox add-on that works brilliantly) and you can use it to completely ban yourself from a site, setting a window where you can only turn that option off between say 5am and 6am or a similar time one day a week, so that any renewed access requires a particular planned effort to restore.

You can also use it to lock yourself out of a site after a set amount of minutes or hours, on certain or all days of the week, and even set it to redirect you to a webpage or stored photo that reminds you of your goals - just mentioning this because I too am easily distracted, and this does the planning and willpower for me! :slight_smile:

Happy travels, anyway. :slight_smile:

i also like you narius:)

best wishes

Farewell man, hope to see you again sometime.

I have great respect for you too bro, take care in the long haul