Goodbye to the Game

So Ladies and Gentle men Game of Thrones has come to an End
Gonna miss this

Biggest disappointment.


I enjoyed the ride, but sadly they didn’t quite nail the landing. I didn’t dislike it as much as everyone else, but it was clearly rushed by the writers. What really annoys me is that HBO actually wanted to give them a full 10 seasons to flesh out the story, but the writers were like, “thx, but no thx… we’ve got starwars and a BS civil war alternate history story to write” so they basically kneecapped the whole thing single handedly. Dick move imo. Should’ve handed it over to someone else to finish it off properly


I agree with you.
Im waiting for the show about Lord Of The Ring that will come in 2020. I have big expectations about it tbo.


Season eight didn’t happen. It just faded to black like the sopranos after season 7.


I say the same, to me there’s no end to GOT

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Nice to see they followed the formula of “great show/shit ending”.


Exactly, they just didn’t quite nail the landing and that has created a big disappointment. They say "All 's well that ends well " but they just didn’t… :star_struck: Anyway it was epic, a worldwide phenomenon.

Btw once again Simpsons…:slight_smile:

The Simpsons Predicted the Game of Thrones Daenerys Twist Along With Everyone Else; In a 2017 episode titled “Serfsons” The Simpsons family is standing on a hill watching as a dragon burns their town to the ground.